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Testing & Treatment

Comprehensive Psychological Testing & Treatments

When it comes to your mental health, you can never be too cautious. Let me, Clifford Johannsen, Ph.D. in Lake Oswego, Oregon, provide you or your loved one with psychological testing and treatments.

General Practice and Specializations

I do all the psychological testing for personality disorders. Several psychological disorders are treatable with psychotherapy. I attempt to involve the entire family when there are issues with children, teenagers, or young adults, except when the safety of the child could be at risk.
Even though I treat an assortment of disorders, almost half of my work involves individuals that have anxiety, stress, depression, and adjustment problems. For people that have these problems, I offer psychotherapy to help them adjust or accept the way their lives are. During these sessions, I teach people new ways to view their lives and how to understand what they can and can't control. 
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